Repeated connecting and disconnecting

It is possible to connect, but they repeatedly connect and disconnect.


• If you connect to FUN'IKI Glasses registered to a different iPhone, they will repeatedly connect and disconnect. To use your FUN'IKI Glasses with a different iPhone, you must delete the registration.




• Notifications shown by the FUN'IKI Glasses are limited to those shown by the iOS Notification Center. Check your iOS settings using the following steps. 


1. Open the iOS "Settings" app.


2. Tap "Notifications".


3. Tap the app that will receive notifications ( Messages, etc.)


4. Check that "Allow Notifications" is set to On.


5. Tap "Show in Notification Center".


6. Choose any option other than "0 recent items"


• If your iPhone's Sleep mode is enabled, your FUN'IKI Glasses will not give you notifications when you receive a phone call or email.


• Transmission of notification data from your iPhone may fail. Turning iOS's Bluetooth off and then on again may fix the issue.




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